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Safer Roads Save Lives

As more and more vehicles hit the roadways, it has become vitally important to create equipment and devices that keep moving vehicles, workers and pedestrians safe.

Safer Roads Save Lives

As more and more vehicles hit the roadways, it has become vitally important to provide equipment and services that keep moving vehicles, workers and pedestrians safe.

There are many circumstances that involve the interaction of moving vehicles, pedestrians and workers.  If these work zones are not defined, implemented and managed in the proper manner, they can cause dire circumstances for many people. The workers inside the construction zone often proving to be the most vulnerable.

At Safety Signs LLC, we have built our company around one simple philosophy: “Safer roads save lives”. This is the guiding principle of our company and our people. We have spent the past 20 years providing traffic control equipment and services to help keep roads, work zones and pedestrians in Minnesota safe.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding traffic and construction signs,  ADA compliant pedestrian access routes, security barriers, or anything with respect to your project needs.

Whether you represent a city, municipality, contractor or designer, you’ll find products, services and answers to your most important questions, regarding traffic control and work zone issues.

Safety Signs traffic barriersTraffic Control Equipment, Devices & Services For Work Zones,
& Special Events.

Traffic control and work zone protection is of the utmost importance.  Here, you’ll learn how we address these issues. You’ll find detailed information on all aspects of traffic control, including permanent sign solutions, pavement markings and removals, and our Intelligent Work Zone solutions.
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How To Create ADA Compliant Temporary Pedestrian Access Routes (TPAR)

Cities, municipalities and state governments now require all temporary pedestrian routes to be accessible to people in the disabled community. is an educational website that will teach you everything you need to know about complying with ADA and what it means to be TPAR compliant.
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Sign Renewal System stop

Interested In Renewing Or Re-Sheeting Existing Roadway Signs?

Introducing…SRS. Sign Renewal System is an innovative process for “renewing” or re-sheeting existing roadway signage to improve the safety performance of roadways. This process significantly reduces the costs associated with replacing non-compliant signs, when compared to doing so via traditional methods.
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official EFA logoEFA, a division of Safety Signs:
Construction And Traffic Signs—
When You Need Them!

Introducing EFA (Earl F Andersen, a Division of Safety Signs). EFA is your one stop shop and specializes in all types of traffic products and installation.
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Smart Barrier: Do You Need A Secure Perimeter?

Smart Barrier is the world’s first high visibility temporary perimeter solution. Smart Barrier® temporary perimeters are designed to provide first responders and emergency managers with a quick and effective method to secure a dangerous or threatened area.

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