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ATSSA Member Companies:


Warning Lights of Minnesota Traffic Control

All State Traffic Control St Cloud Minnesota

Specializing in all aspects of Minnesota Work Zone, Roadway & Event Safety

All State / Twin Cities MN Traffic Control Provider

Traffic Control Rochester, MN

Traffic Control Mankato, MN

Traffic Control Duluth, MN

Traffic Control St. Cloud, MN

Areas serviced by All State Traffic Control Minnesota

and Warning Lites Traffic Control Minnesota

  • We specialize in Consulting, Planning and Designing solutions for all Traffic Control related aspects of your

      Project or Event

  • Our personnel are Trained, Certified Traffic Control Supervisors & Flaggers - Dedicated to getting the job

      done safely and on-time

  • Traffic Control - we provide, install & maintain vehicular, pedestrian wayfinding and Warning Lites for Work Zone Traffic Control

      devices including:

  • Portable Message Boards

  • Speed Display / Radar Trailers

  • Portable Signals

  • Attenuator Trucks

  • Light Plants / Light Towers

  • Concrete Barrier

  • Water-wall Barrier

  • Glare Screen

  • Impact Attenuators

  • Temporary Chain Link Fence

  • Pedestrian Barricades

  • Temporary Pedestrian Ramps

  • Pedestrian Audible Devices

  • Certified Flaggers

  • Pavement Markings - We furnish, install and/or remove:

    • Temporary Latex Paint

    • Permanent Latex Paint

    • Thermo Pavement Markings

    • Performed Pavement Markings (grooved-in or inlaid)

    • Intersections, Cross Walks, Stop Bars

    • Parking Lots, Schools & Developments

    • Pavement Marking Removals

      • Waterblasting with recovery

      • Grinding / Scarrifying  

  • Permanent Signing & Site Furnishings - We furnish & install:

    • Regulatory signing

    • Street Name signing

    • Custom Wayfinding

    • Private Property signing

    • Development signing

    • Bollards

    • Flagpoles

    • Benches

    • Trash / Waste Receptacles

        ...and much more

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