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Portable Concrete Barrier

Portable Concrete Barrier is typically used to separate workers and/or pedestrians from traffic and to protect the motoring public construction work zone hazards.

We furnish and install portable concrete barrier on traditional construction projects, for vertical urban projects and for special events.

Contact us to discuss the details of your project:

  • Concrete Barrier

  • Water-filled Barrier

  • Water Wall

  • Concrete Barrier for Pedestrians

  • Concrete Barrier for Site Security

  • Sometimes referred to as J Barrier / K Rail

  • Custom Logos on Barrier

  • Concrete Barrier with Fence

  • Impact Attenuation

  • Crash Cushions / Impact Barrels

  • Barrier Delineators

  • Barrier Reflectors

  • Linear Delineation Panels

  • Concrete Barrier for Special Events

  • Concrete Barrier for Vertical Construction

  • Concrete Barrier for Crowd Control

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