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Safety Signs, LLC

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Lakeville, MN 55044

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Safety Signs, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The Experts...

Specializing in all aspects of Minnesota

Work Zone, Roadway & Event Safety

Safety Signs is the leading provider of

Work Zone Traffic Control solutions in Minnesota.

We  specialize in Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic Control, Way-Finding, Permanent Roadway Signing, Permanent and Temporary Pavement Markings, Pavement Marking Removals, Portable Concrete Barrier, Temporary Chain-Link Fence and Site Furnishings. 

Our family,

protecting your family

We employ the most dedicated and hardest working experts in the industry who are trained, certified and embrace our Safety Culture.

We have everything you need to protect your Work Zone, your Special Event, your Workforce and the traveling public.

Feature Product:

Concrete Pyramid Bollards

Our new Concrete Pyramid Bollards provide the highest level of protection for event/crowd security, and are more visually

appealing than traditional concrete barriers.

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Work Zone, Wayfinding

& Event Solutions: